The new LPTD Division of STRONGMAN-Pakistan was established in year 2009-10 with an aim to excel in Pakistan’s booming leather market and to set new trends in semi-finished leather and its finished products. We buy and sell Raw, Wet Salted, Wet Blue, Crust and Finished Leather Hides and Skins. Our Specialty products are Goat, Sheep, Cow & Camel .

We not only buy from local market, but also import selected grades of leather skins from various countries of the world including South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russian States, Europe, Australia and America.

STRONGMAN’s LPTD Division is having a state of the art Italian/Local processing plant in Korangi Industrial Area of Karachi and is rich with a strong & experienced leather team. Our tannery transforms local and imported raw hides and skins in to premium quality leather for a wide range of applications.

Along with regular Import & Processing, STRONGMAN-Pakistan is also actively involved in Export of high quality finished leather & Leather products such as Safety Gloves, Aprons, Sleeves, Leg Guards, Jackets & customized product for Fashion Apparels, Upholstery & Shoes etc

STRONGMAN’S new line of export quality split leather safety products; are ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, GMP and SA-8000 Certified . Equiv; US Standard Safety – Currently being exported to Gulf & Middle Eastern Countries, Customized designs and Logos are made on Order. Proudly Made in Pakistan.


HEAD OFFICE (Islamabad):

  • Mr. Muhammad Ali Sekhry (Director Marketing)
  • Mr. Ali Hasan (Director Imports-Exports / Finance)
  • Mr. Aleem Bin Ateeq (Leather Coordinator)

TANNERY (Karachi):

  • Mr. Muhammad Naeem (Manager Operations)
  • Mr. Sh. Umer Quddos (Manager Technical)
  • Mr. Muhammad Arif (Manager Exports)
  • Mr. Muhmmad Usman (Asst-Manager Technical)
  • Mr. Muhammad Shahid (Manager Admin & Selections)
  • Mr. Abdullah Maqsood (Manager IT & Finance)

For all leather Queries, Please contact us at following :

HEAD OFFICE (Islamabad):


Strongman Square 14, Sanitary Market,
Sector I-10/3, Islamabad – 46000, Pakistan.
TEL: +92.51.4863946, 4863947, 4863948
FAX: +92.51.4863949
Email:, ,

TANNERY (Karachi):


  • Plot # 387/10, Street No. 05, Sector-7A, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi.
    Plot # 441, Sector 7-A, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi-Pakistan

Manufacturing Capabilities

@ Plot # 387/10, Street No. 05,  Sector-7A, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi & @ Plot # 441, Sector 7/A, Kornagi Industrial Area, Karachi.


Main Product Line Groups

  • Half-product Wet Blue from Goat, Sheep & Cattle skins;
  • Splits of half-product Wet Blue from Goat, Sheep & Cattle skins;
  • Half-product Crust from Goat, Sheep & Cattle skins;
  • Finished leather for shoe uppers from Goat, Sheep & Cattle skins;
  • Finished leather for shoe lining from Goat, Sheep & Cattle skins;
  • Fancy leather articles from Goat, Sheep & Cattle skins

Production Specification (main production units)

(as of Jan 2016)

Liming and Tanning Department:

Items Qty
Soaking and liming drums  08 pcs.
Tanning drums  08 pcs.
Fleshing machines  2 pcs.
Sammying machines  1 pcs.
Measuring machine  1 pc.

Wet Blue Department:

Items Qty
Splitting machine  1 pc.
Measuring machine  1 pc.
Shaving machines  2 pcs.
Conveyor for chrome shavings  1 pc.
Press for packing of chrome shavings  1 pc.

Finishing Department:

Items Qty
Retanning drums 08 pcs.
Sammying-setting out machines 02 pcs.
Setting out machine (hot roller) 1 pc.
Rotary spraying machines for covering dyeing 02 pcs.
Milling drums 04 pcs.
Roller coating machine 1 pc.
Vibratory-softening machine 02 pcs.
Ironing machine 1 pc.
Hydraulic ironing and embossing machines 02 pcs.
Dyeing machine 2 pcs.
Drying line 1 pc.
Measuring machine 1 pc.
Staking machines 1 pcs.
Moistening machine 1 pc.
Dust collection system 1 pc.
Plate 1 pc.
Spraying machines 2 pcs.
Polishing machine 1 pc.
Rotary press 1 pc.
Through-feed drying tunnel 1 pc.
Through-feed press of calender type 1 pc.
Drying aggregates 2 pcs.
Tunnel drier 1 pcs
Vacuum driers 5 pcs.
Toggling machine 1 pc.
Overhead chain conveyor 1 pc.
Stacking machine 1 pc.
Buffing and dedusting aggregates 2 pcs.